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With ESPN baseball writer and analyst Tim Kurkjian.

Author of:

"Baseball's Greatest What If: The Story and Tragedy
of Pistol Pete Reiser." (Sunbury Press, 2021)

"Last Ride of the Iron Horse: How Lou Gehrig 
Fought ALS
to Play One Final Championship Season." (Sunbury Press, 2019)

 "Inside Al-Shabaab: The Secret History of Al-Qaeda's
Most Powerful Ally" (with Harun Maruf)

(Indiana University Press, 2018). 

Yes, I'm aware the first book has nothing to do
with the other two. 
I have wide-ranging interests!

I've worked for the Voice of America since 2000,
served as an editor in their central newsroom since 2005. 

Deemed essential... Snowstorm or shutdown, I'm there. 
Teleworking during pandemic, though.

- Graduate of Indiana University school of journalism.

- Pittsburgh native, lives in Washington DC area with wife and kids.  One of the youngest people alive to have attended
a Pirates World Series game.

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