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Reviews of Baseball's Greatest What If

"Dan Joseph hit a HR with Last Ride of the Iron Horse, this book on Pete Reiser is a grand slam!  GREAT biography!" (Baseball Almanac )

"What drove Reiser to play with such abandon, to barrel headlong into outfield walls and dash madly down the line to steal home? With the same all-out effort as his subject, Daniel Joseph examines those questions in "Baseball's Greatest What-If," an engrossing, comprehensive look at a ballplayer who knew only one way to play, even if it cost him his rightful place among the all-time greats."

(Tyler Kepner, New York Times national baseball columnist, author of "K: A History of Baseball In Ten Pitches.)"

"Sometimes the most fascinating stories in sports are the ones that don't reach their rightful conclusion; Hall of Fame hopefulness gives way to the heartbreak of injury and fate's fickle hand. Dan Joseph has artfully told just such a story by exploring one of baseball's greatest what-ifs. His book takes us deep into the life and times of Pete Reiser, a man who never met a wall he wouldn't run through. Like Reiser going after a ball, Joseph passionately pursues this story and gives an extraordinary -- and extraordinarily luckless -- ballplayer his due." 

(Anthony Castrovince,, author of "A Fan's Guide to Baseball Analytics."


Reviews of Last Ride of the Iron Horse

"Lou Gehrig might be the most under-appreciated Yankee legend, and his battle through the 1938 season is undoubtedly his most under-appreciated achievement. Gehrig embodies so much of what is great, not only about baseball, but about the human spirit. If you’re looking for a great book on Lou, look no further."

(Andrew Salzone, Bronx Pinstripes website)

"Author Dan Joseph presents a full picture of the Yankee great, his final hurrah and post-baseball life. No matter how well you know the Lou Gehrig story, this fast-paced book will keep your interest."

(Barry Sparks, author of Frank "Home Run" Baker, Hall of Famer and World Series Hero)

"Perhaps it's the morbid curiosity in me, looking for details about the tragic death of Lou Gehrig, which made Dan Joseph's examination of the 1938 campaign hard to put down."

(Ron Kaplan, Ron Kaplan's Baseball Bookshelf)


Reviews of Inside Al-Shabaab:

"For military enthusiasts, Inside al-Shabaab has vivid descriptions of street-by-street fighting in Mogadishu as the extremists pushed the fragile Somali government to the edge of the sea. For those wondering how Somalia has never been able to shake off the threat, the book has piercing details of what still goes wrong both among Somalis and in the international community."

(Associated Press)

"The book by Maruf and Joseph is a very readable, very informative and in passages thrilling account that provides partly unknown details for Somalia-specialists and a basis for reflection and comparison for counter-terrorism experts. Due to the style of writing, it is even accessible for interested non-specialists. The book is recommended strongly for thinking about and beyond the Somali setting."

(African Affairs)

"Great work from the most respected Somali journalist of his age Harun Maruf and his co-author. Without question this book provides a remarkable look inside the Al-Shabaab during period of 2006 - 2017. This is a must read book."

(Dalha Daher, top-rated Goodreads reader/reviewer)

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